Our Mission

To provide a safe haven for domestic animals, regardless of breed or species, through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary. To advocate for the humane treatment of animals and promote the human-animal bond. To educate the public about the importance of kindness, compassion, and responsible pet ownership which will emphasize spaying and neutering. To cooperate and work with other animal rescues and shelters towards the goal of becoming a no-kill nation.

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There is simply no greater gift than family. To have those around you that you love, trust and protect is what gives all our lives purpose. We believe in family at ACT and make that our goal for every pet, to have a family of their own.


What we do

Each year thousands of adoptable pets will die in overcrowded shelters in the Central San Joaquin Valley, located in California.  Animal Compassion Team is dedicated to saving as many of those lives as possible.  We help many rural shelters that have no adoption programs and depend on rescues to help save unclaimed pets.   We also take in owner surrenders when there are truly no other options for pet owners.   With so many homeless pets in our community we encourage pet owners to make every effort to find a great home for their own pets or find a way to keep them.  We are not an open intake shelter, and space is limited.  We DO NOT take in stray pets.  It’s important that a good effort is made to find the owner of stray pets.  Click here for more information regarding stray pets and how to help them.   

Our goal is to provide wonderful families with wonderful pets and build bonds that will last for a lifetime.  You can help us save lives by adopting your next best friend from ACT.   There is really no better feeling than adopting a homeless pet and changing its life forever.    

Our adoption process is geared to assist you in picking the very best fit for your family.    It’s important that all family members are happy with their new arrival, this includes existing pets.   It’s wonderful when all pets in the home get along well and enjoy each other’s company.   Here at the Sofia center we can assist you with the initial introductions to help make the transition as smooth as possible.