Our Impact

Each year thousands of adoptable pets will die in overcrowded shelters in the Central San Joaquin Valley, located in California.  Animal Compassion Team is dedicated to saving as many of those lives as possible.  We help many rural shelters that have no adoption programs and depend on rescues to help save unclaimed pets.   We also take in owner surrenders when there are truly no other options for pet owners.   With so many homeless pets in our community we encourage pet owners to make every effort to find a great home for their own pets or find a way to keep them. 

Our goal is to provide wonderful families with wonderful pets and build bonds that will last for a lifetime.  You can help us save lives by adopting your next best friend from ACT.   There is really no better feeling than adopting a homeless pet and changing its life forever.    

Our adoption process is geared to assist you in picking the very best fit for your family.   

Where It All Started

The vision for ACT had been brewing in the minds of the Animal Compassion Team founders for many years. The paths we have walked have prepared us and tested our determination through hard work, buckets of tears, mountains of fecal matter (a favorite topic of discussion amongst animal rescuers), and more than our fair share of discouragement and heartbreak. Having said that, why would we choose to dive in deeper? For the love of the animals we serve. It is just that simple. Dogs, cats, and other wonderful animals are dying in huge numbers daily. We hope to help change that. In August of 2009 we became a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with the state of California and the Federal Government. It was, and continues to be, a huge leap of faith for all of us who already feel overwhelmed by the work we are doing but we believe this is the time, and this is what we have all been preparing for. One life saved makes all the effort and emotional investment worthwhile. This is going to be an exciting journey and we hope to post MANY happy endings.

Our Mission

To provide a safe haven for domestic animals, regardless of breed or species, through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary. To advocate for the humane treatment of animals and promote the human-animal bond. To educate the public about the importance of kindness, compassion, and responsible pet ownership which will emphasize spaying and neutering. To cooperate and work with other animal rescues and shelters towards the goal of becoming a no-kill nation.

 Quick Facts:

  • ACT has very few paid employees - we are made up almost entirely of dedicated volunteers.

  • ACT has adopted out over 12,000 animals in the past 10 years.

  • Thanks to a generous donor ACT has trapped, fixed, and released over 200 feral cats in the community!   This will make a huge difference in the number of unwanted and feral kittens in trouble in the next "cat season."

  • Spay & neuter is what will make the difference in pet overpopulation in our community, and ACT is continuously looking for programs and writing grants to continue this work in our community.  

  • ACT is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization ~ Tax ID # 27-0647770

  • ACT is the founder of Fresno Humane Animal Services

Our Stats:

  • 2016 Live Release Rate: 97% (Live Release Rate is calculated as the number of live outcomes divided by total outcomes) 

2016 Shelter Animals Count Data

  • 2015 Live Release Rate: 97% (Live Release Rate is calculated as the number of live outcomes divided by total outcomes)