Save a life become a Foster Parent

Congratulations for taking the first step on an amazing lifesaving journey. ACT has worked hard to build a strong network of foster families to assist us in our mission to save the Valley ’ s animals. We have a wonderful, supportive team of both seasoned veterans always ready to give advice as well as newcomers who are still finding their way. We take great pride in our fantastic fosters and hope you will decide to join our team.

What do foster families do? We are so glad you asked!


F oster families feed the hungry and nurture their souls. Foster families provide food for their fosters but if this is a hardship for you come and talk to us about it. You also provide the love necessary to help the pet regain their confidence and help prepare them for a successful transition to a new home of their own.


O asis. Your home becomes that place of safety, a sanctuary for pets that have recently lost their families. Some wander off and get lost and don’t get reclaimed, many are discarded by people that just can’t be bothered with them any longer. Whatever the case, foster families become that new safe haven for often stressed and confused pets. 

ave lives. At the core of it all foster homes are often our only way to save a shelter dog or cat. When that animal’s time is up in the shelter we are helpless to intervene without a safe place for them to go.

T ransport. Foster families are responsible for transporting their fosters to vet appointments and adoption events. The more the animals are at the adoption center on weekends the higher the likelihood of them meeting their forever family.

E ducate. Our fosters turn into advocates for the rescue world. The more you see the need, the more passionate you become about correcting the problem. Foster’s can reach their center of influence in a way nobody else can.

R ehabilitate. Taking in the feeble, the old, the very young, mom’s with babies, bottle babies, the injured is something ACT does on a regular basis. If you have a heart to foster special needs animals please talk to us about it.

This is a brief overview of the world of fostering. We would love to talk to you about it in more detail. Please give us a call at 559-299-6364 or complete the online foster application and we will get you started on your lifesaving journey.